City Surveillance

The bordering areas of two states have been a safe haven for illegal activities and smuggling of goods, stolen vehicles, arms and so on. There have been instances when these activities have assumed alarming proportions and has even become a threat to the law and order in the past. However, states try to keep strict vigil on their respective borders. Even then, many times authorities are not able to fully stop the movement of undesirable items and activities. Imagine the situation when the state borders also border a no so friendly country! Abohar in Punjab borders Rajasthan and Pakistan. The activities which continued even after strict vigil - the movement of illegal narcotic drugs and supply of stolen vehicles from Punjab to Rajasthan. Both of these activities could pose serious threat to the country.

The objective was to enhance situational surveillance with Hawks Eye system.

Hawks Eye has a vast experience of delivering comprehensive and tailor made solutions for critical installations and value assets across domains. The challenge at Abohar City Surveillance was, however, bigger than surveillance of tangible assets. It was rather monitoring seemingly innocuous, but alarming activities that required proactive action before they may become a eventuality. The team needed a constant surveillance, a clear day/night views and license plate recognition without ambiguity.